Labor Archives of

Skvyra district of

Kyiv regiond


History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

Skvirskiy regional labor archives was established on 24 may 2007 decision of the session Skvirsky district Council of Kyiv oblast № 05-10- 05. Was redistered in Skvirsky district state admininstration of kyiv region on December 18, 2007.

The decion Skvirsky district Council №08-22-06 of 24 July 2013 municipal institution "United labour archive urban and rural councils of skvirsky region"


The founder of skvirsky district labor archive is Skvira district Council of Kyiv region

Director of the archive Mandriga Alexander Vladimirovich, born in 1958, has higher education, is available from 1 Yanuare 2008.

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